Next Class of Winter Session Videos

Hello all,

I would like to share a selection of Android video apps. We are in the big next step:

Best Android Video apps

For people using iphones you already have your app in your phone. You only need your material and something to organize all the things you would like to have in your video.

For videographers that want to use their PC we will check this link:

Best Free Video App for PC 



Here is the screenshot of the last class comments, let’s remember:

1 Select your best shots

2 Select your best videos

3 Organize your timeline. Define the beginning, middle and end of the story of your video

4 Think about the transitions you would like to have

5 prepare your narrative and the titles on the video

6 Select the music. (According to many, this is your last step) You could be thinking about the music as a background or main sound anytime you like. To put it in the video it is preferable to put it in the end.

Remember your shots for landscapes: Your middle ground, your background, and your foreground. Select the one you want to focus. Before or after the shot

For your shots or partial videos, if you have them in Google Photos use the features to (auto) enhance and trim. The original size, once you crop your pic, can be adjusted in the video editing feature.

Remember the horizons are better looking if they are horizontal.

That was for last class. See you tomorrow to check your advances, have your questions ready.  See you tomorrow


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