Welcome to Fall Session!

Welcome to Fall Session;

First, here are some of the things we did last class. It is  a compilation of what to do while taking a video on the link and some of the projects at that time. This session we will keep editing or start editing using the second link in this email. Not to worry I will have it ready for us. If you can, be ahead by uploading the app in your phone, or device you are going to use. We will do it in class if not.

Remember to get ready with your devices fully charged, and all your material ready.

The projects for this session will be:

Editing a violin concert

Editing the metamorphosis of  a butterfly

Editing historical radio communications

Editing travels and family moments (checking titles and music)

See you in a bit, let’s have fun

And the links are;

Little Things To Remember While Doing A Video



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