I Scream Screens with or without Ice Cream


    They are only in their screens, great grandpa whine. The new generations are just all over the screens instead of doing something else.

    They have learned about screens from the adults they are surrounded by. Let’s think for a moment what can they do, that older generations were able to do  when children.

    Long time ago, people used to go to the park to be in the monkey bar, the swings, the one that let have a light spin and gives someone in the air for briefly moments, the see saw and other mechanisms to play with. Today we have standardized the safest ones in all the parks, reducing the options of just three. 

    Strolling the parks was a serene time to feel the aroma of the flowers, watch nature coexist with us and enjoy the view in all its beauty; it was time for all the senses in harmony. Today you need to go far away if you want that, the park near or inside cities are infested with guano and the birds, lots of squirrels and the noisy cars passing by; eventually you would also find or smell dog’s discharges. If you are lucky this places will have the right amount of people, but there are hours were they are crowded.

    There weren’t many programs on the TV or  to much to listen to the radio. Today we have only in America 487 new programs, plus the reruns, the ones from other countries and a total of 1761 TV commercial stations. Today there are 15,330 U.S. radio stations, the FCC has released new numbers show 30,367 total licensed broadcast outlets (AM/FM/TV) in the United states. That includes 4728 AM stations, 6613 commercial FM stations and 3989 educational/non-profit FM stations and most of them can be wire to all kind of screens or audio devices.

     Camping was a long experience just to set the site and fulfill all the basic needs in a civilized manner used to take much more time than today. I just heard a celebrity saying that for camping everybody bring their tablets.

    Today if you want to read a book, a magazine, a newspaper you can go to the  old fashion ways or just have it in your screens. Screens make them light, manageable, instantly accessible in airports, buses, trains, where is better to go light and be paperless is an ecological advantage.

    But we used to play and sing together while doing children’s rounds and silly games. Today we have fitness video games,  best dance video games, exercise video games and 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide.

    Learning, entertaining, interacting, socializing are in the screens. Today people is participating in TV contests more than ever via screens. 

    Rest your eyes from screens, rest your body from long time postures due to screens, listen to live music made by not electronic instruments to amplify  your ear frequency, break obsessions giving time for duties and chores, built relations out of the screens to have a physical wealth, smell and touch to renew your senses; all the above will be the new challenge. And great grandpa will say; I told you so.

Great Grandpa do you want ice cream?


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