What have you done in the name of love?


To you, where ever you are

To them, because they want to know

Do I believe in Love?

   Can I talk about it?

Yes, I do! I believe in love, that is the motor to my whole existence…Is love free? Is love eternal? How can I tell you why I feel so intense? Shall I talk about how I have been loved? Shall I tell you that twice I offered my life for my love ones? Like, real decisions about choosing between my life or others’ life. I still tremble, cry, surrender my mind to the thought of my love ones. What kind of love do you want to talk about? Is it just one kind, or many? I have heard so many definitions… recently one was absolutely astonished not because the words that were used to defined it, but for the person who said that…”Love, it just appears… you do not need to learn that feeling, is there, it appears without warning.” Is that true? It is the opposite as to have a fox as a friend and look at the sunset everyday for a period of time to learn to be friends, to learn to feel… the love of a friend? Or is it like the rose that you think is unique until you find thousands like your special rose… and surprisingly you start thinking that you love your rose because you take care of it like no other one?

How about impossible love or lovers… many stories about that theme, with lives at stake, with riches, families and societies to deal with… how about the love that start with a bet or a charade to evolve to a magnificent feeling? Can we think about the love of the opposites? Is it love if only one person feels that to another, or does it need to be corresponded?

How do you know that the feeling of a person is not because of insanity? Or you need to be insane to be profoundly in love?

I love to love when I am so happy that there is a special energy, special impetus that make me go forward in life. I love to be proud of my love and to show it with fulfillment. To be delirant of cheerfulness. Love is for me that exhilarant power to move me to the edge my capabilities. Yet, the moments of quietness, the intense rest with the confidence that my love ones are there. Sintonizing like in a symphony when everybody has a part to play. Oh yes! I been loved, I love, I feel loved. It is not that the gravity of certain situations are going to define to un-love a person, because I know that what they are doing is the best they can do even if it goes against something or the all. The perfection of people is when  the wonderful perceptions about their imperfections are there, and you can recognize and love the essence of their virtues.



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