What a CEO said… really!!

A CEO said...

The most interesting thing about being a CEO is that you can tell whatever and most people believed you, which sometimes it is not the best thing, like for example; the other day I read about how to be a CEO from a CEO…

One of the recommendations was to deliver bad news in a sandwich… that means
with layers of good comments and in the middle the bad news. So that
the person who is listening to the CEO does not understand the whole thing
until he gets out of your sight.

When the news are written, and everybody has received a letter from a CEO you can see the paragraphs, the first one is  the good news, in the middle goes the worries, and at the end goes some kind of empathy message, or how things can change in time, or how uncertainty can be taken as hope.

In an interview, the mere mortals think about the mysterious savvy words the person said and kept analyzing for some time the secrets inside the CEO’s wisest words of the entire Universe.

I know some CEOs follow that advice, but there are others that cut all preambles and go straight to say the bad news from the beginning. Which one is best? I do not think that amazing people should follow recipes, sayings, formulas unless the person that is in front of them is not ready to digest the grandeur of the CEO and put the interview in a simple 3D approach. I think, it is the job of the CEO to get in the same tessitura of the listener. He needs to have knowledge of who is in front of him, otherwise why bother to even talked to him. Speak in his terms, in a universal understandable way. That means simple and with a neutral tone of voice. Aha!! The voice tone and the body language make the whole message. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the person is saying because the personality, the mood, the pose… can say a thousand words, and the way people emphasize the words can result in a completely different message. And that is very old school.

Almost everybody can catch emotions, attitudes, and even intentions. That is one of the reasons you can’t get personal, otherwise is a profound intrusion on the mind of the other person and it is completely disrespectful.  A CEO doesn’t know how he is going to interpret the words, and while there are no words everything can stay in oblivion for the sake and safe of both sides.

The blog I read is completely impersonal yet is infused with analogies that  for some  are going to be hilarious and for others exactly the opposite. I suppose he choose them because he wanted an impact, for me was the first. The only power of the person is that he is an almighty CEO and with that; all the power and money he posses give him credibility and a kind of immunity…

One of the most important things that a CEO has is information. It is like seeing the world from a helicopter while ordinary people is just looking from street level. The values, the views, the goals are totally different and especially the needs are in a different rank to be covered. While we are all humans and in a physical level we are the same, our brains give us ideas and claims of different order, and that is why social classes exist. The interesting part nowadays is that I knew about this CEO through the internet, that means that, like me, people is looking, analyzing, learning, comparing, contrasting and getting their own conclusions and with that, we can expect some mobility in the ancient way of societies and that is very interesting!! 😀

Here is the link http://bhorowitz.com/2012/10/17/making-yourself-a-ceo/ I went to read the blog again and now it has a better format, and it is not as hilarious as it was the first time, good job! Now it is more serious, with more bullet points, and with activities to do and test. How fascinating! Thank you. 😀



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