Uns Uns Uns…

Uns!! Uns!!! Uns!!!!

Oh!! Yeah!!! I am just dancing Gnangnam style!! Hahhahaha!! Just from the kids I heard about it… I have been in an Uns! Uns! Mode almost for a year now… It seemed I was never going to stop… and suddenly for almost 15 days now I did… I did it!!! Wow! I stopped because it was my Thanksgiving break and my adorable ones are with me. Before the Diaspora finish I am able to go back to blog to you, my dearest ones.

My Uns mode goes for more than 4 hours a day! That means that I am listening to music for a quite long time, I am listening in the car and at the gym. At the car, to pump my heart and be awake and sharp when I drive, most of the times very loud… That special way to feel the vibrations inside the car I thought it was irreplaceable, now I know that there are around there amazing headphones that DJs use that OMG!! The music waves are totally immersed inside your gray matter and your skull… They are fantastic!!! Uns! Uns! Uns!! Another kid let me tried them.

The other time I hear music is when I am running or doing weights, now that I changed my schedule at work, I discovered another dimension of the darkness on Earth. I woke up at 4:30 at dawn and get to the sports club at 5:30. At that time you see people swimming in most of the times in a pool full of fog illuminated by the inside lights of the pool and the post lamps; the scenery is magic! The sounds of the energetic splish, splash of full of force strokes is intense! After those seconds you just want to jump and run to do your workout. I just do it, now in a very neon fashion. It happened that around my neighborhood there is a new sports store and because I desperately needed to resize my wardrobe, I visited the store and with the expert advice of a kid… She told me what of the new awesome textiles were just perfect for me, and the color trend is so neon! I am wearing orange, purple, blue and black. It is so intense that it just make the mode of your workout totally different, you really focus on it and with the Uns, Uns beat you just embrace a completely and compelling full force spirit.  I hope more people change to this fashion at the gym; I know that in other fitness centers they are wearing it. The thing is that I am surrounded by guys in the senior and super senior years and the gals too; they have been wearing the same shorts and T-shirts in a very neutral palette. So, yeah… I look strikingly different.

Let’s say that you are in the treadmill for 45 minutes almost every single day  in the same room, most of the time the same people doing the same… trying to perfect your speed, your burning calories method, your pace, your rhythm… Aha! You need music…Uns, Uns is my beat; there is people that like Salsa, Cumbia, Cha Cha Cha, Pop music, Classical music… others read, some others watch TV others chat… Some people like to do very little, some are in classes following the shouting of very loud instructors… And some others are totally drench, totally pumped, totally in a high rate beat… Just like me, that is irresistible.

The way I have found very likable music for my temperament, in other words Uns, Uns music, dance music, has been in different ways, like everybody; listening to the radio stations, listening to compilations of the best of the billboards, suggestions from other people especially from kids and people from the Y generation which I adore. I have my radio app in my cell phone now… I have been searching for a long time the new trends to listen to music through the internet; I’ve tried stations, doing my own station, following sites designed for music… But what it made decide ultimately what I recommend to you or what I listen is You Tube because it is a visual experience as well, also you see the comments and how many people like it; which are indicators, very useful ones, when you are in an immense amount of wonderful music. I am very happy with my Uns, Uns music… I enjoy tremendously being in shape… and so far, very thankful because I haven’t had any sickness, any injuries, anything that had made me stop my workout; I have been able to go on a very speedy mode on the treadmill, also, to swim 6 strokes with one breath in between, and almost 1000 yards in 45 minutes… I remembered when I started, I just walked, and I just used to do pedaling with the board, one eight of the abs I do now… yeah, it has been some progress… I started to remember my wit of when I was 14 and I felt prettier than any… Especially when mankind fills you with flattery cute remarks, deep long looks, and one of a kind broad smiles. I love you! In two days I will return to my Uns, Uns workout routine. So, so good!!!


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