Saying good bye to a dearest friend… Bon Voyage!! :D

To Natalia;

Why does she need to go? I just realized how much I want her to stay. Just to know that she was here and that we could talk and share some of our best moments as two persons can share friendship, has been absolutely rewarding!

Everything started more than two decades ago. I was in a breakfast with all the moms for our kindergarteners, two sits were still empty, and suddenly at the same time two absolutely awesome visions enter the room. The first one was a Japanese- Mexican girl with and outstanding red dress that contrasted perfectly with her, and pointed out a very sophisticated hair cut. One side shorter than the other, with bangs; super black, super shiny and she was very elegant and witty. And behind her was another girl in red too but her dress was floating in the room like it had a special air making it float, absolutely majestic she had long blond hair and her blue eyes were radiant and happy, she was pushing a stroller. They both sat down and introduced themselves and it was an instant click… after that, the three of us plus another friend had wonderful times and shared all the elementary school phase of our kids together. The birthday’s parties, the events in the school, and our fabulous searching of nice restaurants to have breakfast indulging ourselves with great conversations, superb food, and lovely ambiences was pure happy life. Ah! Those good old days!!

Memories come to me in a kaleidoscope of events. Once my friend and I worked together in an educational project with great success, today we want to revamp it. We finished it for the moment but a project can have other steps if you have a vision for that, so that is a good thing, it does not matter the distance, we still can work together… The incredible thing is that we also stayed for long periods of time at the same time in the same countries which it is almost impossible for two friends, in each of the countries we visited icons of culture and had many intellectual adventures. We saw our families grow, mature and made their own families; we still are in the last part of that, so interesting!

She paints; I can actually make a book describing her paintings that are fresh and cozy at the same time. Her paintings are precise and accurate, with depth and composition that can give you an entire message of occasional beauty. Indeed, she has wonderful works of art not only on canvas but in her entire house… You can walk to one room and be surrounded by beautiful dinosaurs in a checkers ground like. It is like floating in a fantasy with a super comforting feeling, and the special thing is that who knew that a theme of dinosaurs can be so compellingly adequate for a bedroom. Another room is the kitchen full of Arab writing in a welcome way only in the cornices and balustrades in a very delicate calligraphy, yet with vibrant colors. Yes, just writings, still, with a powerful presence of a dynamic center of the delicacies’ lab. Because that is what a kitchen is. Why do you want to go to a kitchen if you are not going to indulge yourself or others? That is the way we share our vision of preparing food… and guess what.. She cooks exquisite! How am I not going to miss her?…

In a turn of events she needs to switch countries again, and that, my friends require strength, lots of it.

She writes, she is a web designer, she dances and bikes, she can make an astonishing dress from scratch… If you ask me if I admire her, the answer is Yess!!! She is my friend, and I am going to miss her enormously, but I know that there is no distance that could, or can take us apart because a true friendship is sealed in the stars and ours is a beautiful constellation!! Have a nice wonderful journey my dearest friend, and luckily one day we may share our time together again!!!♥


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