An Opinion about The Internet and some strange regulations

I wish I could avoid to write about politics, and so far, I have done it. Now the problem is that the way we communicate is in danger of disappearing. There are these bills in Congress called SOPA and PIPA that if they pass it is going to be like we have policemen and bureaucracy all over the internet sanctioned every single thing we do. Here we have been reading that in some other countries the Internet is blocked and regulated by the government, and we have said, those are countries without guaranties like ours. Or we have said, unimaginable here! The point is that this bill is disguised as a right of protection, and that is a high alert concern. I have seen who in Congress is in favor, or not, and the undecided, the numbers are distributed equally, so, that could be that they do not understand the bills or its scope? Or, they have other political interests and are selling their votes? Which I refuse to believe; or they really want a government that is going to block some of the mayor businesses  in America? And, what is the purpose of that? Let’s give an example of what can happen if the bill passes. Imaging that is like if you go to any departmental store, you need to be search in the entrance like in the airports. It means that each section, floor, or merchandize in the store need to be scrutinized by a policeman. Can you imagine that!! Another example: Let’s think about a dress you love and you want to use it but it is too expensive, well according to this law you are not going to be able to even do it yourself as in your version because it will cause a bureaucracy to investigate if you can do it or not. If that could happen in the garment industry it could stop all the vibrant ideas that come from de designers every season!

In this case The Internet is a new way of communication where there are many transactions, ideas, innovations, inspirations and very serious work to talk about. I have seen that the dynamic of The Internet is so strong that there is no way an agency or an organization can be on top of things because it is changing by the second, so what is the intention of this bills? I have many other examples where thanks to the internet things have been organized, changed, rectified, and, or given to the authorities. So the Internet goes the other way around, it helps our society to flourish. Statistics show that it is so rich an influential that it can be considered as a country. There are many other examples to talk about but I think with these we have an idea. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, are among others that opposed the bill.

Please help Congress to rectified and share with all the persons you know. I like the Internet, don’t you?


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