5th email for Shoot & Edit Videos Class at OLLI

Hi Everybody!

Last class we talked about how to safe save videos; 

Basically, there are 2 options:

Or you have it in hardware, (USB, Memory Card, Electronic Storage Unit) 

or you save them in the cloud; any cloud that you remember, and know how to use it, sometimes also paid for it. And other alternatives are to share the videos in Social Media platforms. (But nobody knows how long they would last.) 

We had a wonderful class watching L., and P., videos. Both really beautiful, authentic, and full of wonder.

Tomorrow we will see other videos, if you bring them.

Questions about how to do videos are very interesting for all. Bring them also.

We talked about how to look at the site that contain all the extensions and it is important to remember the simplest and known ones that can go to almost any place in the internet; in our case for video and audio. 

We will talk about video attachments on emails for all, but especially for Cherrielaine. We’ll all learn, and relearned the topic.

Please don’t worry about a self-impose deadline. Do as much as you can, and calmly you will reach a wonderful video.

Have a wonderful evening, be ready for tomorrow. 

Remember there is no homework unless:

“Your mission, Videographers, should you decide to accept it, is to have fun making videos. 

As always, should you be tired or in doubt, we will talk about it and I will help you to acquire the knowledge of doing the right actions. 

This email will Not self-destruct ever, is part of your notes. Good luck, All of you.”



P.D. let me know if you will use zoom to send you the link.


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