Second email for Shoot & Edit Videos Class at OLLI

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and staying hydrated, and doing videos!

Last class was about how to do your first video, how to position your camera, how to be sure that your video will be a success.

Among the things you need to remember is:

  • Hold your phone in position where you can feel steady. (Like your elbows near the sides of your body)
  • Set the background, foreground, and middle ground in the grid to catch the perfect view.
  • Aide your phone, and cameras with tripods or any other elements that are handy.
  • If you are looking in the lens of the camera it needs to be a little below your eyes line

Try to write before you speak anything that is going to be in your video and practice listening to you (without being hard on you)

 There where many more tips that you will remember if you see the links of the videos I sent you last email.

Also, we saw the link of a YouTube video with no sound to present the most important part of you editing, that is to get familiar with your timeline. And no matter what kind of app, program, or else do you have. To edit you will use a timeline.

Tomorrow we will continue to see the elements of your editing programs.

I have wonderful news for you. A participant in this Summer Session, has been able to make 2 beautiful videos in Vimeo.

Vimeo is another site kind of like YouTube but, you need to have a personal account to access the videos.

I saw them and are very nice. The videos are long, so time permitted, I will show them to you.

Now, for tomorrow if you did your homework, we will look at it.

 It will be the time to notice all the wonderful features that the phones have. Like coloring, trimming, cropping, add music, take out the original audio, and much more. Some phones have double camera like one person in the class has an Apple phone version with two cameras for video, others have slow-motion, others macro lens and so on. We will see them only if you have questions about it, because all phones are different.

Nevertheless, I have a link for you, especially for Pixel phone, and is kind of an update of the video we saw with the Australian guy.

It is more elaborate, that is why I choose to show you the simpler one, because you don’t need more.

Here is the link:

How to Film like a PRO with Android Smartphones [Updated Guide!]

Tomorrow we will continue to explain the video without sound.

 Share your videos, if you want you can send it to me via email.

If you see the link of the past email about GoPro and you have questions, let me know. See you tomorrow have a wonderful evening. Remember an hour before the class you will receive an invitation from zoom. This is a Hybrid class. If you are going to be present at OLLI Computer Lab. DISREGARD THE INVITE.



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