It’s Time For The Wave

On a Friday, in the middle of October 1991, I went to a Sting concert. Sting started a solo career and was visiting lots of cities around the world, one of them was Mexico. Just to hear today his name and that he is nominated for a Grammy at his 67 is a very happy occasion for all his fans. He, not only is, worldwide famous in the modern singing era, but also he was an icon with his group twenty-seven years ago.

To get the tickets was not easy and it was a complete surprise when our best friends invited us. We made an extraordinary effort to make space in our schedules that were in the tightest. It was so hard to even arrived together that each of us meaning my husband, and everybody else, including me, got to the venue by ourselves. For all of us it was a long trip. I needed to take two subway routes and be on the road two hours before, if I wanted to be on time.

For me it was a dashing experience because I was in the mode of work, work, work, work, work and family care. To get away of the routine felt liberating, specially because it was a Rock concert. I didn’t have any of the recent discography of the artist but our best friends, the other couple had everything about him. Even  the husband looked a lot like him, just physically speaking, because he did not have any musical attribute; but definitely you could confuse him by the artist.

All of us like Rock but having and growing professional careers and family was frantic. I had recently received my tenure as a professor at the faculty of engineering and worked more than 8 hours a day, do to administrative work I had been assigned. On that Friday I didn’t have a restless time, like during the whole week, I organized everything for that to happen.  Also I had time to change from a whole business suit to fuchsia color pants and yellow cashmere sweater, both in a neon hue. I had my hair down, long and golden as today, and oh! I forgot, my heels were the same color as my pants. I didn’t need anything else, not even a handbag. The ticket, and change was in my pants pockets. Everything else I knew my husband was carrying so we can go home together after the concert.

Everybody got to the concert, like 5 min before the show started, we were very happy to have this adventure together, we say hello, sat and wait in expectation, the applauses and ovations were strident. There were lots of laser beaming at the stage. The public was making the wave, and Sting started to sing. By the middle of the concert, with all the claps and cheers, the huge volume of the guitars, his voice, and the drums. I felt asleep. Worst, it came a wave and I didn’t stand up. And that was when our friends noticed that not only I was sleeping, but my husband too. Our friends were in total disbelief. They woke us up and asked us what had happened.  No clue, I only knew that I felt exhausted and Sting lulled me. Nothing else to say, we were never invited to another concert again, and years later when we talk about it, our best friends are still annoyed in a very cute way, because they are like that. I had never seen a smile from them, when again, chatting about the occurrence. Yeah, I can sleep, in a Rock concert, I have found out.


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