The Post was delivered, Yeah!

On January 2017, when  we were celebrating the Facebook anniversary. Mark Zuckerberg, posted publicly the vision he had of his  Social Media website. Immediately and jubilant  I commented back about his post.  It said the main reason of why I joined the group of billions of people who interact through his site. I copied > pasted here.

    “Most of my family and friends are scattered around the world, after many years of missing them, and as soon as Facebook was for everybody, I signed in, and since then; the people I know, I love, I find, I interact with, has been much more, and amazingly diverse.  Connecting us  in an absolute celebration of life; Facebook is part of our minds, and a wonderful thing in our collective evolution! Happy Anniversary! It is a virtual country, a new language, a new brain inconceivable for our ancestors, yet a wonderful reality of today and many years to come.”

Why did I write that? Image finding my teacher from second grade, or people from my same elementary school generation. Image finding friends from high-school. How about colleagues  I have not seen in more than a decade? Or students who I taught when I was a professor at the university? Family that I haven’t seen for ages, or extended family I was introduced just because of Facebook. All encounters have been an elation of happiness. We are together again and now for many years.

You said what else? That’s it? No, I have found people, or they have found me. People who think a lot like me, interesting people. People that over the years have been interacting in the Social Media mesh in a cordial and inventive way. It is like a magnet where all of us take care of ourselves, and yet we can give or ask for tips, recommendations, or advise. Sometimes we have cried together when events have struck our existence. Solidarity and hard work have been present through the last detail we have shared.

If I had not experienced so much goodness I couldn’t been able to get to know how to navigate among the app and all its features. Together, we have been able to make webpages, blogs, companies, businesses, and classes. Groups, dynamic groups, groups about Science, Technology, Art, Futurism, Trends, Philosophy,  Crafts,  Music and much more. Facebook users have created a camaraderie not ever seen before. 

I have not encounter any major problem in Facebook. When somebody had stumbled with technical problems or problematic people; there had been various sources for help; the main ones are two; one directly from Facebook and the other by users of the site.

It has been a delight, and it is versatile and evolving.

As every year the CEO of Facebook had posted a personal challenge. This time it is an open discussion of several matters regarding the scope and development of the site. It will be a wow journey; with all the knicks and knacks of trends on technology, state of the art  of hardware and software, with cutting-edge knowledge in all branches of societies. What else can we ask for?

It is an open invitation for all users. It was in a post and I received it. A memoir of the future will be, because the present was an instant, an instant ago.


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