November 2018

Our 365 days of the year have not ended, yet this is the time to thank and to celebrate. Everything can happen; but so far I’m here with you sharing some of the remembrances of the year.

    January started in the Arctic Circle, I was very far from home in the land of the Aurora Borealis, in the land of the sled. We had the time of our life while being pulled by dogs in an enchanting sled in one afternoon, in another day we were pulled by reindeer in a fluffy snow where the sled, provided with skis  instead of wheels moved on snow giving us the flair of being in the sky like we were part of Santa’s Magic. The enchanting land of Finland was the beginning of the year.

   By February, we have already enjoyed the Super Bowl, with new surprises because we didn’t have the usual winner. On the second month of the year, we had rain, we used our umbrellas, and jump in the puddles, while going to school with my adorable little ones. My grandchildren were in California, closer to me at last. That was an explosion of love and happiness.

    In the next two months we had rides on boats with water squirted to aim to each other. We saw pelicans at the beach, we said hello and take pictures with these cute creatures. We had Choo choo train and roller coasters rides. We had visits to the reptile zoo to know about pythons and geckos; to feed turtles and tortoises, and to watch the hatch of a baby snake from its egg. We raced in tiny cars. We tried the milkshake flavors of the month. We learned and touched tornadoes at the children museum, we made clouds, and  climbed  walls for climbing.

By Easter, the egg hunting was superb, and  days at the beach were the best. The park, the picnics, the video games contests, the movies with popcorn, hot dogs and fries were in hand. A serious thank you is in place for such a  wonderful time. On those days, if awaken I was having so much fun; while sleeping, I  laughed and smiled. Sometimes my laugh woke me up at night only to realized  that I was dreaming. Dreams of pure happiness. Days of pure joy. Just melting in tenderness, I don’t know how come sometimes we can experiment so many incredible experiences.

   May and June were the months of celebrations, it happens that in our family, some of us have birthdays on those dates. For us, those are cake months, the months of much more togetherness, if that can be possible.

    And summer came, and we went to Yellowstone, the land of the Grand Prismatic geyser and all of the other geysers. The magnificence of the colors, the space, the thermal atmosphere, all the senses were at play in the vast park in new ways and in resurgences of memories of the visits of many other geysers in other countries. The animals, the mountains, the woods were part of the landscape. By car we covered around 500 miles driving from Jackson, Wyoming, passing from Idaho and through all Montana, reaching  the Glacier National Park at the border with Canada in fifteen days; submerged in the grandeur of the forest, the Teutons, the rivers, the lakes, the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the thermal waters and a cave. A wonderful adventure.

   Later in the middle of summer, we enjoyed the World Cup for soccer with, for me, very expected and happy results, because youth and diversity won. Days of  July and August were filled with more birthday celebrations; and delicious days at the beach and the pool to cope with the torrid climate.

    September was with a 36 hours in Mexico, City, I haven’t visit the city in 5 years. The city has changed a lot, its southern part, at least now,  has so many tall buildings, that look like and extraction of Hong Kong. The food was delicious, I tried several delicacies  that only there you can taste if you know how to ask for them. October was full of days for museums, exhibits, biannual  tours; songs, and stories; ending with a super fun Halloween.

    November is the month to give thanks, and to be thankful, and this month was special, because, to see the harvest of the year we went to Sedona, Arizona, the land of John Wayne, the land where I was in the vortexes, and swam, touched, or admired its magic waters. The land of ancient tunes played by the drums and the flutes;  you’ll find them when you reach the summit of a trail. The music will welcome and relieve you from the panting climbing. I couldn’t stop admiring this land of the red and flat mountains with its capricious gigantic red rocks. We walked barefoot on the fine fresh red dirt, or shall I called sand? We went to the land of fossils, turquoise and  minerals. This place is a very precious land. A sacred land with a Dark Sky Park; meaning that it has a public land which possess an exceptional and distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural richness.

   Wondering at night, if you are not looking at the sky, a hare running from a Mountain lion can pass in front of you in a flash. A wonderful week full of work in a very special place.

    Today I am with you, celebrating this month full of thankfulness. Yes, there is a tiny, tiny part of the world where we have until now, hearts that beat with a happy and placid rhythm; full of hope and energy. Minds that have experienced the most wonderful adventures. I have had the privilege to listen your memoirs, and shared with you mine, looking through the bright lens of things, a teensy of some of the this year sparks of life.

Thanks to Existence, because we can work, then, we can play, and rest and do it again, and again, and again.


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