The Happiest Girl

    I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” ~Audrey Hepburn

    November is the time to be grateful and to celebrate the harvest of the year. To honor all the accomplishments, we had four days of festivities, in a very unique place; also with time to celebrate friendship.

    There were awards, our Dearest of Dearests got first place for the longest one-handed golf shoot, third place with the golf-team. The smile on our faces was full of surprise and happiness  when we knew because none in the family is an avid golf player. Without trying to challenge or trying to assert our Dearest of Dearests played with all the joy of being surrounded by vastness of red rocks, immense red mountains, and persistent red dirt.

    I celebrated with  all the love, all the compliments for my attire, in each one of our delightful evenings. I was also very surprised of the open and cheerful opinions about my looks. In our group of friends we pampered each other all time; it was a jolly time.

I wear pink. We laughed  a lot, to many funny occurrences and jokes. We hugged  and kissed. We were kissed and hugged back.

    For to be  strong, when everything seems that  could  go wrong — as A. H. said — it is worth it to remember  our first and only trip to Arizona since this second one.

     Be sure that  the  landscapes were and are still  very red, still very flat at the top of the mountains, and still with capricious and astonishing forms.

    At the time of our first trip, I wanted to find out how come these rocks were formed. I wanted to find out how come they were so red. The answer was in millions of years ago when the oceans were part of the landscape and time after time they evaporated until now.The cost of never seeing these oceans again was to forget to weep, to almost forget what  rain means. In the end, the result, for this landscape, was to be part of part of the Sonoran Desert, and part of the Grand Canyon west.

     When we traveled,  on that first occasion, we were on the road of dust and dirt. The road was deserted. We passed several desolated, and disrepair  businesses  all covered with dust, there was no color left in them, just brownish dust and discolored grayish broken wood.

      One motel even had a hand-made billboard, with handwriting saying; “ No Children Allowed. — I felt goosebumps— because who wanted to take any children there? —

    We were just thinking about the chances of a broken car or a flat tire. We didn’t feel any confidence to get out of the car and ask for help.

   With patience and perseverance without any chance of feeling hopeless, because we were going to pick our son from one of the most incredible Summer Camps he had at that time; we got to Prescott, Arizona. We picked him and went back the same road but by then my heart was full of happiness and at any instant I was thinking that Coyote was going to appeared or maybe  Road-Runner was going to say; “Beep, Beep” while running at full speed.

    If The Road Runner cartoon rule number one is that Coyote cannot be harmed ever by The Road Runner; then we weren’t going to be harm.

   If no outside force can harm Coyote but he’s ineptitude or the failure of The ACME products as it is said in rule number two; then again nothing could be wrong because we had the car checked, and we had all the water and tools for minor repairs; and absolutely no ACME products.

   We were going to stay safely on the road as The Road-Runner  in rule number five does , but rule number 6 was specially twisted.

    You see, that rule is about all action must be confined to the natural environment of the two characters —The Southwest American Desert—

     Dearest of Dearest was driving in the highway and suddenly he  put the brakes to almost a halt. I was the copilot and I was speechless; in front of us was an eagle devouring its recent pray in the middle of the road. There was not even time to make any sound, not even “Beep, Beep.” The eagle left the pray, opened its wings; the size of the windshield, and rose up to the sky showing all the feathers of its chest, neck and peak full of blood, full of the feast it just had. It was Nature in all its splendor, no apologies. With temperance and diligence  the eagle left its prey as soon as possible to survive. We all survived because of its rapid reflexes to react.

     After, we had many other days to tell the story and to write it for you. As you see, it needed to pass years to do it. The encounter of the eagle, for me,  was a miracle. The fact that we didn’t had any mishap, was a good forecast, yet . . . you never know.

  Many other wonderful things occurred during this trip that I will tell you or write it for you someday; because right now, I am the happiest girl, ready to go to pick from gymnastics two of the most adorable persons I know.


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