Music and Sound in your Videos

There are many sources to look for Music and Sound in your videos. The easiest ones are the ones you made by yourself. The ones that are on the raw video can be interesting. The ones that are already in your phones are also interesting to practice with and then after playing with what you have, then you can explore other sources. The free sources can be found almost in any app. They have a limited number of sounds and jingles, but there are enough for you to add, sync, adjust and retrieved from your projects as a start.

Tomorrow we will watch some examples for you to examine. Please bring your phones charged, with memory space, and with your wonderful ideas you have already videotaped. Below are the links we will be study. See you in a bit!

The audio and the movie

Huntington Beach Extreme Games

The sounds you hear come from three sprightly robots

Webinar by Power Director


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