Last comments before Spring Session

In our last class we went deep with iMovies in an Apple phone. Even with a broken mic we were able to upload a video in Youtube, for the sound. We integrated that video in the most adorable footage of a dog  to make the perfect story about this wonderful dog and its adventures. Here is another video about a dog in the Philippines. The person who took the video was in the perfect spot, at the perfect time, and with enough curiosity to take a look to this tender moment.


As you can see, awesome videos are made in an instant and  there is no need of many embellishments. After taking the class you are able to catch how this video was made and how it was edited. Nice!

In other tune here is the trailer for the Steven Spielberg documentary from 2016. As in our conversation this documentary is an inspiration.


Another good thing to do before the Spring Session begins is to read “The little white Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie” by Matt Thrift. In this book there are a lot of movie suggestions with all the tips and hints. It explains why some scenes are classical and profoundly inspirational in movies that set the Art Mark in movies.

Lastly, I am very proud of your accomplishments. I encourage you to showcase them for the Art Exhibit at OLLI-CSULB. See you in Spring Session! 


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