Because It Was The Best!

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I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. In a short time we will conclude this eight weeks of togetherness, taking  with us the most amazing stories, the most fantastic experiences, the most humble opinions. With a mesh of memoirs linked by our voices, felt with our hearts, touched by our laugh. Wisdom was spread in this precious weeks. Life and death was among us. There were tears and sadness. Joyful occurrences, epic moments, simple life delights, funny situations and hilarious encounters to say the least.

This time in class has been proof that life has everything we know. But also, we were witnesses of narratives we didn’t image, we didn’t encounter, we didn’t pursue . Surprises and expectations were filled in spectacular and unexpected ways. We have listen the news,  watch TV series, immerse in movies or go to the theater; all of them were shrank by the Memoir Writing class. We were spectators and protagonists of  instants of life, with dates and time that were built for brief moments in ourselves. In every class we have been immersed  in a kaleidoscope of  stories, in a rainbow of emotions.

I think when people share, societies grow. All this chapters of life read in the classroom, had ingrained in me a special knowledge for years to come. Experiences are human acumen, that when bear a part in; built traditions, exalt intelligence, and legends are born. Sometimes, during class, I  liked to think in emotions evolving in placid lakes of our memories. In other occasions narratives had built a tempest of blood  in all  hearts.

Furthermore, there were questions unsolved to keep us moving and caring for people, inventing and finding solutions for them. Urgency was placed impatient to look  and resolve ungrateful situations if feasible. Silence, sometimes was the ultimate expression as an answer to the inevitable, to the sorrows of life, to the eternal questions. In other occasions  readings were mysteries sealed in time.

I would like to think about our memoirs  as treasures of life. I feel we didn’t win the lottery in class because we went beyond that; we built bridges on the different timelines of the participants. We acquired a collective fortune of wisdom. Advises, recipes, lectures, were not involved per se; yet, we can take all the sayings as tips, and hints to broaden our scope in life; to use them as  valuable reference if similar situations get to occur. We will notice similar experiences feeling the embrace of our common humanity.

What’s not to be thankful about this class? Unmeasurable richness filled my Self. Remembering all the memoirs will be an exercise not really sure to pass. Yet, a life well lived is felt. I got an unparalleled  satisfaction, it was the breakfast for my mind to subsume the week. A feast of memoirs nurtured our Thursday’s mornings during Autumn.

Bring on Winter! We are prepared for Celebrations, we have harvested jewels of life. Thanks in tons, sharing was living; evoking was feeling. We can’t ask for something better. Because it was the Best!


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