The Mean Microorganisms

Microbes are just bugs, they are the tiniest and you need microscopes to see them. Yet, they are very powerful. They are in the news, some of them very unpopular, others very helpful. They are trending most of the time. We live with them; they are inside and outside many living species. The good ones help us for instance to have milk, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate, coffee, bread, some medicines, and we like to have them among us.

There are others that are exactly the opposite, they harm us and they do the same with many other creatures. As a memory of what is happening in  the Summer of 2017 there are some events that are worth mentioning to you. It is all about the dangerous microorganisms.

If you know  a lot about Microorganisms and have work with them; then,  you can be hired with a good salary, by NASA, an Agency that among many things, wants to protect Earth from  Micro Aliens and the Universe from Earthling bugs. That is as today;  but around a couple of months ago a very known millionaire was sending letters to his followers to let them know that technology can reach viruses. Viruses are another type of bugs. He showed a picture that explained how in 3D, with Virtual Reality equipment,  you can study their structure. There are millions of viruses, and some have killed a lot of people. Some get you chills just to name them like Malaria, Cancer, Ebola, Zika, HIV/AIDS, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Rabies and many more.

There is a worldwide effort to eradicate  the harm they do in Earthlings; for example, in Africa they can really hurt beautiful animals in the form of Anthrax that is a disease caused by a bacillus, another type of mini bug,  and lure animals to dead; zebras carcasses can be left full of these bugs, that with opportunity, they will travel with beetles and other insects propagating the Anthrax disease all over vast areas killing many animals.

Other bugs have been contained with vaccines, I think you know that, because you go to the doctor sometimes to have a shot to prevent several diseases, the ones that maybe you remember are Measles, Polio, and Mumps, all of them have huge stories. Real weapons against them were invented until 1796 when Edward Jenner, a country doctor living in England, performed the first vaccination for Smallpox, another vaccine shot that you could remember. Before vaccinations, entire populations were devastated by sickness caused by these harmful microorganisms, the results were collateral damage in internal organs, handicapped  humans, terrifying scars, or death, and people, in general, didn’t live that much; we live longer today.

This mini mean creatures also go for plants like potatoes or tomatoes. One time, a disease  was so spread around the Ireland fields; which had potatoes planted all over, as it was Irish primary source of food. Then, people starved, many died, or left the country, there was nothing to eat, all the potatoes were infected, it was a disaster, a major famine; a different path for what was left of an entire country.

So, not only potatoes but, other plants can have other maladies caused by different microorganisms. That is why we use several tools to help plants to be healthy and strong to combat all this tiny bugs.

Why do the micro meanies exist? Well, people had been study them since the beginning of humanity instinct of survival; nowadays we have different thoughts about their origins. I could tell you that, in my opinion, they are just part of how all live things changed over time. Long, long time ago there were organisms made of just one cell, and overtime they created teams and new creatures and work together to have  survival traits, that was a beginning of the origin of different species. Yet, among the original formations of life, there were the incomplete ones.

The incomplete ones are in need of other organisms to survive. Some of them do not have a way to replicate themselves but with the help of  complete organisms. Other incomplete organisms, need to eat the organisms they live in.  Some others, change the whole structure of the inside of a cell and cause the cell to multiplicate without order. There are ones that camouflage like their hostess, so the defenders of the organism, the antibodies, start fighting  uninfected cells, and infected ones with very bad results.

This  bad microbes want to survive, and to have completeness.  They can cause epidemics and great damage. There is a great battle against these tinnies. The good news, is that Mankind have also nanotools that are tinier than the microorganisms to study them and to alter their mechanisms of existence, or  DNA, to make them harmless to other Earthlings.

If we are going to explore the big Universe, we better know everything about our tiniest companions.


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