Hello! Wow 2017 I’m back

Hello Everybody!

1-31-2016 jpegIt has been so long ago when I wrote to you. I think it has been years. It is not that I was not inspired, it is not that anything  you can imaged. I was just too busy doing other  fantastic things. The good thing is that more or less you have noticed them on the Tweets and the Facebook notes that I  have been really keeping up to date. Our attention span can roll out or roll in. It is just a matter of  situations.

20151201_081038I am writing to you now, because I have a little bit of time. I am in between semesters. I jumped from being with Kindergarteners and Elementary School Children to University Students and the most diverse audiences. If I said that the diaphanous, fresh, and contagious laughs of the little ones are just fantastic. Well, the spontaneous,  witty and clever laughs of the young adults, the adults and seniors are incredibly rewarding .


I am in a new world. Full of Art and Technology. Art is the quintessential expression of technology. Y have remembered so many artists and works of Art I have seen in my life and also I am learning about new ones for me, and sometimes new for the public. I still in contact with elementary schools now sharing, creating, teaching Art. It is a very curated process. We study, practice and engaged with the Universal Art. The fact that you can change audiences in a matter of minutes to explain and show Art is fascinating. The scope, vocabulary and amount of information get full dynamism.

0326171440bGiving and teaching the tools for technology to students, clients, and friends from all spectra is a wonderful adventure I am immersed. I am also creating Music, Software and Hardware; so rewarding!

I have not stopped learning about technology, software, hardware… in general learning about STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Sports). I have not stopped  helping people to do their webpages, Facebook pages, and all sorts of Social Media cool things, that now, we have at our reach. It is a community effort, a national effort, a worldwide effort.

Mankind is so incredibly creative, tenacious, and wonderful, that really it is a pleasure to celebrate life with all those sparks of living force. I am  enthusiastic on writing  and have a myriad of things to talk to you, to share with you.

I need to go, see you next time with wonderful specifics. Thanks for reading and for being there for me.




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