AI: Smart CCTV Features Facial Recognition Voice Recognition & Security …
I returned from work like every other day… first thing, go to the kitchen to check the messages on the house phone… believed or not it is very useful… but that is for another post… Suddenly I heard a voice telling me that my dog was found in the middle of the street on the verge to be smashed by a car. What! I called her back. I went for my dog to the specific location she chose … There is another long story about the details… The main point is why my dog was on the streets. Still a mystery! If I have had my surveillance camera I would have known what had happen… Some UPS packages have been stolen from houses making big news; some owners have a surveillance camera and had their packages back thanks to their surveillance camera… What are we waiting for? The recognition of faces, situations, unexpected objects… in our cities, can be identified and taking care of in a better, faster and efficient way than ever before. If you are concerned about your privacy then believe me a machine does not care, and the cameras are not programmed to care. Let’s be efficient.


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