How can I tell you?

      We have not seen each other for years, we spent eight days together, we laughed, we cooked, we shopped, we have fun together. Oh what a wonderful time! You shared with me your most precious treasures, your most daring thoughts. You still have that  seasoning that makes every dish a delicacy, so simple, yet so elegant.We still find the same humor in the most childish things. We can count on the same astonishment when we see the wonders of Nature. We worry for the same sad incomprehensible destructive events that surround Earth. Yes, we can walk together over the mountains, an over the sky.

     Now you are far away,  yet I can see you,  we are sharing our distant life, with our closest thoughts. Now I follow your recipes, I keep my hair with your ointments. I am amazed with your fortitude.

     I see your life growing and your successes accomplished. Your legacy getting grounded and your seeds growing and germinating in powerful statements of life.

      Waiting for the opportunity to see you again to spare the time from our crazy schedules, to concur in the same latitude and longitude, to feel the song in my heart that started when I met you, long, long, long time ago. Looking for another time to share with you that special feeling that only you can share with me.




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