Africa so Adorable! Part I

Africa Perla 558

To put a step in a complete different part of Earth!!! To prepare to go with many months in advance!!! To visit the birthplace of humanity is an experience to remember, to share, and to invite to do… Yes, you need to take several vaccines and Malaria pills for some time… Your arm hurts after the shots for two days and you felt it so heavy that you think, “Why do complicated things? There is no need…”

But also there is no need to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare to do exercise, and swim at 4 centigrade with strong wind in an open pool for 40 minutes… Then after 3 hours total of body care, go to work… Even some persons that do exercise at the same time but not swim, asked if we are insane or we are just plain stupid… My answer; both! ( You cannot please everybody, sometimes) And I am not the only one; there are octogenarians, sexagenarians, and many more ladies and gentlemen doing the same as I do. Sometimes when I got really, really tired I just thought about Africa. I knew I was going to find the most amazing people and I needed to be presentable.

They were above and beyond that I can ever imaging. The average population that I saw was extremely beautiful, sweet, warm, charming, amazingly clever and super friendly!!!! I felt pampered, entertained, amazed and surprised.

Tourists are supposed to see, encounter, find, or glanced the least to the Big 5. We didn’t know that, and it was not our primary goal, we were open to discover what Africa was offering. The days passed every single one with incredible experiences and doing the Big 5, that are the lions, the buffalo, the rhinoceros, the elephant, and the leopard. The first day we saw the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, that is because it is the biggest wall of water fall if you combine the width and the length that by themselves are second in both cases, but together they gave the most amazing view and they are first. We saw them by foot, but you can visit them by air, which we did later during the week, and by boat. The visit to the Falls was in the morning, we also saw monkeys, birds, big humongous centipedes, big red ants, beetles, butterflies and lizards… No Big 5 yet… We saw rainbows, many that are made continuously by the Falls, we saw twice double rainbows. Oh!! So majestic! Our guide told us that when is full moon, you can see rainbows made with the moonlight and the nebulizer water that thunders against the rocks. See the pics of the Victoria Falls with the link at the end. And that was only the morning!! In the afternoon we went to see the sunset at the river… Another beauty, that I would share in the next post. Going to sleep… zzzz…zzz…

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow

Africa Perla Africa Perla Africa Perla Africa Perla 058 Africa Perla 053 Africa Perla 022 Africa Perla 005


Everbody there sing like an hymn this song:


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