To win a Heart, to win a T-shirt

Having fun!!

Last week was absolutely interesting. How do social networks behave??? Have you think about it? You receive the most amazing answers when you have an amazing person talking to you and teaching you how to look at these networks, you can have a picture_map of a very abstract graphs and equations of them. Uuuh! What goes next!!!

Udacity asks us four questions to win a T-shirt. When you answered them, you know and you feel that your heart is beating in a special way because of them!! Wow!!

Some things that can pour out of your brain could look like this:

The classes, the educators, the examples, the challenges, the contests, the format, the cartoons; cool! It is a fascinating experience as a whole! The Udacity’s mission is uprightness and futuristic! The way they have implemented it, is like a magic key that opens the kingdom of wisdom to everybody!

The content of the classes is unique. Sometimes, there are very difficult equations involved and the way they are explained is a ready to use approach without taking away the rigor or the complexity of the subject. All the classes I have taken have immediate practical use. They give you a class, you receive empowerment for creativity. Learning a language takes time and practice; in the lectures and the forums I feel the giganormos patience an educator must have to follow the effectiveness of learning elixir drops that transform minds. It is the state of art in education. It is like the future came to give us a marvel!

Look at the statistics of who is using the internet and how! High school students are the most creative, the most involved. Now, we have a Wonder call Udacity that gives you the tools, the gadgets, the knowledge to soar the internet, to surf the world. Youth at this instant is already the generation of disruption, the generation that changes the path and pace of communications… creativity and knowledge is exponentiated at Udacity, if you want a happy future give it to yourself as a gift, and be a udacian!

One day I’ll see all the thousand students in real time or when I please, I’ll see faces, I’ll laugh with my group with the open system phase of creativity instantly. We’ll get into a frenzy work, and you can see that right now!! With the activity graphs of your team, you are feeling the need of learning with such enthusiasm that even the one that couldn’t sync because of sickness or a bad day, or any obstacle, gets in track during the course… we have accomplished long difficult tasks with happiness and excitement. We’ll be always waiting eagerly for the next session like right now!!! And we’ll learn a lot from each other like we are doing just in time. Yes, in Udacity we have the spontaneous burst of wit from other minds to share almost instantly. Can you image the kind way of an instructor or of another team member to go a step forward for you in order to receive help one on one if you need it or the couching ability to skip and go beyond the material to create in the spot something new if you advanced forward? It is there, with amazing tools they just recently design! We are having our own robot tailored for our unique mind to enhance to the maximum our abilities… We can be with others instantly;  we can have hang-outs, chat, video-conference at will during class just clicking the right buttons… The rate of changes in Udacity is fabulous, you are doing it!! Kudos!! I am Forever Grateful! And by the way, you just won a heart♥!


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