V a c a t i o n s ! ! !

A few days ago we started vacations!!! Just the word sounds so good!!! People enjoy their free time in so many ways that it is intrinsic to think that we all can relax the same way! That is so laughable!! Once I was at the gym doing weights and a guy was saying to everybody, “Why do you keep squeezing yourselves?”  Then, he just left the room with a chuckle, I just laugh out loud stopping all effort because it was so funny!!! And true… And like that comment, I have listened to persons saying they were beating themselves with so much exercise that they were exhausted… or the one that criticized people who like to snow skiing because this person said; you have such heavy equipment on and with that you need to climb, and once you are at the top, you need to keep all your strength to balance and avoid falling and in an instant you are again down the slop and climbing again!! Too much work and nonsensical at all!!! What?! Yes we are very different. There are people who like Yoga, margaritas, piña colada, and relax at the edge of the pool all summer, other people go to inhospitable places to help people, or what about the ones that tries to find real wilderness!! Good luck with that one! I saw that one disappeared in front of my eyes continuously, steadily, deeply… After days of profound thinking, planning, and debating with the vacationers at home, I decided to keep my diet, do exercise, study, and listen to music, repeat… It is not easy when some persons have other plans for you, or start telling you things like… What are you doing? We need to accept each other the way we are… accept yourself… you need to learn to live with yourself… Let’s eat here or there! Relax, you are on vacations! Why are you complicating your existence! Have fun! Studying? What? For what? ..Your travel map is getting dusty!!  This last one was an advertisement which for me was incredible intrusive!!! So I try to be clear; I like to squeeze my bones, count strokes when swimming, sing when running on the treadmill… listen to music to pump my heart at a rapid beat… I love to snow skiing and all the sports with all the gear!! I had never liked to sunbathe for long periods, I love the ocean! The beach! The pool! To swim, to play, and to do sports and if with that your skin looks like kissed by the sun, well, that is superb!!

Natural defection is when people is not cooperating… in  game theory ( a math field)  it is analyzed why people think that defection offers a better payoff… which in reality it is not true, trying to persuade people to quit to get better health, figure, intellectual level, or to deviate them from their goals does not help to the common good… The good thing is that we humans are especially helpful as specie and that, help us with our evolution. In nature selfless behavior abounds in nature, according to Martin A. Nowak a professor of biology and Mathematics at Harvard University who elegantly explains why we cooperate; in the Scientific American Magazine of July…. So, I can see in my surroundings much more people cheering me up than the opposite.. Just I need to listened and tone with the ones that like cooperation than the ones that like defection..

And talking about cooperation I am totally enchanted with a student from Udacity who kindly invited me to be part of his team for this summer hexasemester;  he is inviting people from around the world!! He put his site in Facebook and I am sure this is going to be epic!!! 😀

I agree with professor Nowak, when he explains; the interplay between language and indirect reciprocity leads to rapid cultural evolution, which is central to our adaptability as specie. We are the most influential creature on the planet. We have accomplished monumental feats by working together.  Humans, more than any other creature, offer assistance based on indirect reciprocity, or reputation. We share information about everyone from our immediate family members to complete strangers on the other side of the globe. Studies have shown that people decide on everything from which charities to sponsor to which corporate start-ups to fund based in part on reputation. So, our future generations are here working super hard, being brilliant, building a reputation and cooperating to have a better understanding about the world by studying! And that is epic!!! I’m sure Oh Yeah! Kudos!! 😀

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