Oh dearest Daddy!! Daddy!!! You are the best!!! I love you Dad!!! A jar of stars, a bag of rainbows, a bucket of sun shines, an infinite spiral of love! Forever to you!!

My daddy is timeless years old.

He weighs a fortune in lbs. and is unmessurable ft. tall.

His hair is gray and full of ideas and his eyes are bright and open windows to wisdom.

My Dad loves to relax by doing wonderful adventurous things and he likes to wear a bow tie.

He loves to cook salads and fish in a very innovative ways!

His favorite household chore is taking care of his books.

His favorite TV shows are all the ones that communicate, entertain, inform…

Dad always tells me interesting things.

It makes him happy when we do interesting things together.

When my Dad shops, he loves to buy funny and amusing things!

I really love it when my Daddy, shows me the path to the future!

He’s the best!! I love you Daddy!! I always feel like a kid when we are together!!!

Love, Perla


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