The Pipes for the Web, a Language, a Code (Part ll)



Wow!!! To do the second part has been delayed for many reasons, time is the main one, but, over time things can change a little… I just received two Beautiful Certificates from  my classes from Udacity.

Udacity a site with hundred thousands of students! A site with geniuses! A site the size of a country representing as many countries as any worldwide organization! A site so unique that has the power to change lives, to empower minds!

There have been moments in History when the People have spoken, when they have understood the sovereignty of themselves. Great Compromises have been achieved with the right quorum, with the right alliances…

If we know that because of the internet, among other things, a new stage in human mental development is in a singularity. If we know that we can count by hundred millions of web hosts. If we know agreements with virtual borders have been made among a group of people that regulate the internet.

Why my Certificate needs to follow the same rules as a regular school documentation to be accredited for some people that I think the vast majority do not know anything about programming? Or have they any idea the amount of data mankind has been generating and needs to be processed, kept, organized…?  Do they know the urgency of the mobility of knowledge?

We, humans do social contracts to have stable entropy in our commerce, diplomacy, laws… Why not have a convention, call a conference… to establish new rules of certification for this new and unique model of learning?

I can say I am a free spirit that knows what it knows, without rules. I can say, dare me if you can … I will show you in the field what I am capable of… Well, not quite, as any institution we claim to be recognized by society… what part of society is going to be the judge? That is the quid of the question and a matter of time!! For now I will treasure them as all my certificates and  aknowledgments of distinction I have received! 😀

Still I am sure that at the end of the rainbow the stars will shine full of wisdom!!!

And talking again about the pipes for the internet  I saw and overview of optical network control, the signaling, topology and resource status, the routing, the path computation and the control of wavelength switched optical networks. What!!!! Well those fancy names are for the same structure that the mail, the postman service delivers packages all over the world. They don’t know what is inside, they just deliver messages, audio, video, waves…

They follow standards to have compatibility, model roads, ports, routes, and they are switching to optical networks. We covered some calculation methods for diverse paths, network optimization, and pruning… We also saw the differences between optical network routing and IP routing that indeed have some important differences; like the fact that in optical routing no loops are possible…Ok, I need to stop here, so much to say but this is not the forum and guess what? My new old phrase… I need to do homework!!! A pleasure no kidding… It depends of the person, for me right now to enjoy life is work, exercise, go online for my classes, repeat… ( I forgot, to dance ’till my shoes need repair and to sing to the top of my lungs!!! On my brief brakes!!)  I am happy!!! Very happy!!! Indeed!!! Woohoo!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “The Pipes for the Web, a Language, a Code (Part ll)

  1. Hola. Creo que hablas Español. Estoy a punto de tomar un curso en Udacity y veo que recibiste el certificado de que concluiste el curso. Al terminarlo es gratis el certificado o tuviste que pagar para recibirlo? Saludos


    1. Hola!! Que gusto!!! Si, hablo español, el certificado es gratis. Si te inscribes a un curso tambien puedes entrar a un challenge con mi equipo Jusix donde estamos con personas de todo el mundo ayudandonos mutuamente. Udacity rocks! Bienvenido!! 😀


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