We saw each other again!!!

We saw each other again!!!

Eating delicious apple

How a six months old baby can recognize you!!! Well, he does. He saw me, he smiles… I hug him, he hugs me back… I look at him intensely; he grabs my cheeks… he takes my hair and looks at it very surprised! Now is time to see how Grandma tastes… like he does with his toys. I am dazzling. He is curious, full of interests… all ingenuity, all search… He asks for Mom… He eats… He naps… He plays… He talks… I cannot take my eyes away from him, and my daughter… This is the time when the entire Universe is focus in one space, one time… We observe, we decide, we give him the leverage to advance, to grow, to mature, to learn… we do not skip; we go step by step… idea by idea, thought by thought, moment by moment… We keep our eyes, our ears, all our senses in a sensing amber light mode. So much joy!! When a baby looks at you, he is talking; he is expressing all he has to let you know he is all right… He is trying solid food, fruits like banana, pear, and apple… with his face you know if it is sweet, a little tart, or a little acid. He grabs the spoon and shows you how to feed him!

…Time to read and he turns the page when the page is read. He is so interested, he loves his books!!! Time to walk, he is all smiles and fascinated with the movement… We go to a toy store and he looks pleasantly surprised, interested. Ah! Such a beautiful face!!!

…A merry go round event!! Swoosh!! A balloon floating for him!! So light, so big! So new!!!

He is backing home far away from Grams… The time with him and my daughter was a kiss for my brain, a kiss for my heart!!! What a wonderful time!!♥ https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=d586adfbbb9c0371&resid=D586ADFBBB9C0371!5388&parid=root


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