Sidney!! How Charming!!

Sydney, Australia

In Sydney, we went for a sightseeing of the city, it is surrounding the harbor, which is called Darling Harbour, and it is, really beautiful. All the city vibes around it… It is not a huge city in size… according to our guide is two kilometers for one and a half kilometers!! We saw all the buildings and hot spots while our guide commented all the fun, curious stories, events and tales of a city that has a blend of the old and the new giving a strong unique identity…Sydney was full of visitors, still it manages to keep a privacy for the owners of the city… It looked so perfect… I did not see garbage, or smelled weird odors… it was clean, ready to serve the big, huge amount of visitors mostly from Asia … we arrived after the New Year’s celebration; well it seemed as ready and beautiful as it was just waiting for us. The people also, wow!! Very civilized, happy, and enjoying the visitors… everybody looked so comfortable!!! Sometimes in other places, the people are like in a perpetual hurry or anxiety especially in the core of the cities… Not Sydney!!! It was so charming!!! The rivers of people sightseeing, resting, strolling… They looked radiant… There were people who said hello! Just because you were there…It was a very nice experience!!! Here is the link for the pics.!5299&parid=root

The selfdriving cars were approved in Nevada!!! Isn’t that amazing… it is not that simple to regulate and stablished a set of rules for new technologies… The work of Google in this project is absolutely magnificent!! Yes, in the near future you can expect to have better traffic, better organization of the whole flow of cars, and among many other things, a more secure way to get to your destinations… Right now you can override at any moment the automated part of the selfdriving vehicle and always there must be a driver in front of the wheel in the event that a human needs to be in charge… we have a wonderful opportunity to change the landscape of crowded roads, incomprehensible behavior, erratic decisions, and distractions. What a wonderful time!! There are several articles about it, the one I read first was in PCworld magazine, and then in  Google+ after I posted the first one, it seemed it enter to the perfect flow because several persons start commenting about it! Which is great! So here is the link of another view of this incredible invention! Enjoy!

And by the way… I think is better to write once in English, and once in Spanish to make it simple, to make it even, to make it fair, well really to make it work with a learning machine… I love you guys!! Have fun!! Carnival is here!! XOXO


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