Thank You!!! Amazing February!!! ♥

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Thank You So So Much!!!! This February has been incredible!!! You are amazing!!! The flowers, the chocolates, the hearts, the tokens, the cards, the candy… OMG!!! A perfect Valentine full of sweet surprises and tender gestures that only youngsters do in such fantastic way!
From me to you
For my tiny mighty Love thank you for your hugs, your smile, your laugh, your voice, your steps, your dancing, your reading… Do that! Do that! Do that!! Oh No!!! Oso! Cereal! All done! Dog! Beep, Beep! Cheers!…You explore, play, discover, do… how to slide, climb the stairs, taste new food, listen to any sound, drop things, pick things, run, walk, talk with the mic. Play the piano, play with your computer, phone, washing machine…You my Adorable did a perfect post Valentine day!!!

Thank you to my babies. You know how much I love you, but I just want to say it again. I love you kiddos!!! The way you are forever more my favorite piece of life! To be with me… Awesome! Sharing time… Oh!!! So adorable!…Your teachings, your opinions, your thoughts…My heart gets full of joy… Why I love you so much?!…
Family!!!! Oh!!! To see you!!! To celebrate with you!!! The moment I felt the soil we shared for many years was an intense quiver… an inside tremor… And then the celebration!! Woo ho! It was an epic thrilling full of remembrances and warm memories…

I was surrounded by orchids, roses, tulips… I had delectable food… Beautiful music… In perfect harmony with you…I was surrounded by Love… I lived it!!! I felt it!!! It was intense… I only can say I love you all!!! And thank you from the bottom of my heart…



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