The Spark Electron Adds Cellular Data To Your DIY Projects

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These tiny boards allow you to make programmable Wi-Fi-enabled systems with a few lines of code and a few electronic connections

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Spark has grown from a gleam in the eye of CEO Zach Supalla to a fully baked prototyping platform. These tiny boards allow you to make programmable Wi-Fi-enabled systems with a few lines of code and a few electronic connections. But Supalla wants to give you more.

The company has just announced the Spark Electron, a cellular-data enabled version of the Spark. It comes in 2G and 3G options with the boards costing $39 and $59 respectively. It comes with a SIM card and Spark will act as an MVNO. They’re offering 1MB of data for $2.99 a month and it will work in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

In short, this little board will be able to send messages to a central server, for example, almost anywhere in the world without Wi-Fi.

“We’re surrounded by cellular towers designed for our mobile phones and tablets,” said Supalla. “But those same…

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Study indicates Robots could replace 80% of Jobs


Yes, it is like in the Industrial Revolution

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PerezIn a few decades, twenty or thirty years — or sooner – robots and their associated technology will be as ubiquitous as mobile phones are today, at least that is the prediction of Bill Gates; and we would be hard-pressed to find a roboticist, automation expert or economist who could present a strong case against this. The Robotics Revolution promises a host of benefits that are compelling (especially in health care) and imaginative, but it may also come at a significant price.

The Pareto Principle of Prediction

We find ourselves faced with an intractable paradox: On the one hand technology advances increase productivity and wellbeing, and on the other hand it often reinforces inequalities.

A new study due to be published in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Skills and Training by Stuart Elliot visiting analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), who incidentally is on leave from…

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Medical Devices: A new perspective! Vote for this ingenious idea


 From Team Jusix!!! Yeah!! Please vote! Here is what Julian Milosavljevic sent us!

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LIKE OUR IDEA! …Just hit on the link on the right side the orange “Jetzt unterstützen!” button, it’s German  and means “Support now”. You only need 3 seconds and no sign up is needed. Thank you so much for supporting innovation in health care. If you have further questions about “Medical Glasses”, ask me, I would love to explain you the idea in detail.

Greetings from Germany

Translated Excerpts from the Site..


Short description of the idea

“Medical Glasses” is an app for the emergency medical service based on Google Glasses. The application is designed to make patient care safer and more efficient.

Description of Idea

With our ideas we want to support the emergency services personnel, especially in two ways: on the one hand we want to do at the right time and the right information available to give to others through complete documentation and a video connection to retrospectively demanded emergency medical team to the legal security. These carry the crews of ambulance and emergency vehicle use Google Glasses with our software “Medical Glasses”. “Medical Glasses” is to put in stressful situations the rescuer all the information available and so prevent problems, enhance the rescue chain and ultimately save lives. You are curious what “Medical Glasses” offers everything? Just look it out in our presentation, in which you can find all the features listed and explained again. Unsure what Google Glasses is again and can? No worry, here again a little refresher:  Google Glasses.


Our next steps:

The first step is to write the software. Although we both have programming experience, however, is “Medical Glasses” too complex to allow us to realize the idea itself in a manageable time. Here we hope to gain allies who can help us technically. Failing this, would be another way of equity, potential investors, crowd funding and of course the prize money received may outsource the programming only once and later to bring programmers into the boat.

Is our idea in program format, the next step would be to gain an operational area as a partner for a practice test. From the practical test, we hope for a lot of attention, we would generate an innovation in the emergency service, the experience can we feed into the further development and evidence that proved our idea into practice.

The last step is the actual sale of “Medical Glasses”. Ideally, we have the practice test generates an enormous attention in the industry and the benefits of our proven product. Our business is to advise rescue service areas in the use of “Medical Glasses”, customize the software customization to local conditions and assist in the implementation.

The final step is licensing the software with monthly usage fees to us. The fees should be based on the size of the rescue service area. The target group is the local authorities, they have the obligation to maintain structures such as the ambulance service under the “municipal services”.Why the idea to me fits:

We are both volunteers in a large organization and passionate hobbyists. Julian is doing extra training to become a paramedic. Accordingly, it is exciting for us to combine our knowledge and experience from both areas in an idea.

What problem is solved?

The quality of information management during operations but varied greatly. The risk is high that sometimes go down on vital information in stress. Here we come in, Medical Glasses makes it possible for the ambulance already can view the collected findings of the ambulance crew during the approach, in case of doubt a video connection to make and thus have to intervene during the journey. The representation of vital signs in the field of view of Glasses with alarm function ensures that all keep track and nothing goes down. Databases with information about medicines and standardized algorithms for the treatment of specific diseases round out the comprehensive supply of information. Because knowledge is not power but a life-saving benefit for the patient in the case.

What are the advantages to other products / services of the submitted idea?

With our idea we are entering new territory, such an extensive assistance system, which the individual parts of the rescue chain linked does not yet exist. We see our advantages in the fact that we can scale our product desired and can respond to the relevant requirements of customers. Through the benefit of wearables like Google Glasses fall extensive sales or installations on the vehicles from the Savior has his hands free, has all the information in the visual field and the flow of information on a central server allows accurate control of the data. The customer to decide how best wishes to use in his operational area Medical Glasses, so we can always guarantee a perfect solution!